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Women should know do you know the 10 things men hate about women. They must be sure to prevent them when they don't wish to be counted within the bad books in men. The ten situations are as follows:

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1) Don't stick to agreements

Women generally don't stick to the agreements they've made. They make alterations based on their convenience however grave the problem be.

2) Bottle Up their feelings

Conventionally, people believe that women often share their feelings. But the truth is on the contrary. Women do not disclose the way they feel unless they are coaxed to talk out what is playing within their minds.

3) Bossy women

Women often don't agree to the way in which men are. Though they understand them, but they attempt to mould them according to their own wishes. They struggle to influence them by being judgmental about everything. Either they change men based on their convenience, or abandon them completely.

4) Fault finding

When trying to locate faults, women sometimes, though unintentionally, compare their existing partner with their ex. Such comparisons should be made in positive aspects, not within the negatives.

5) Belittling his hobbies

Every person has such likes that may not get yourself a nod of approval by their partners. However, you should not ever stop them from being involved in it. Also, you shouldn't expect him to consider curiosity about your pastime. Should you choose that, it is certain to lead him to believe that you think that your hobbies hold more importance than his. Such a thing should be avoided no matter what.

6) Gossiping and Nagging

It may seem that gossiping about men may give a boost to their self-esteem, but the truth is, men hate any kind of gossip, whether it's positive or negative. It is among the 10 essential things that men hate about women. Ladies have a routine of nagging to enable them to get things made by men. Even though the intentions might be good, but men simply hate this trait of women.

7) Talk more than listening

A guy hates as he is interrupted while he is speaking. If you're always eager to talk rather than listen what a man wants to say, he may become upset. Thus, it is advisable to concentrate on what he wants to say rather than disrupting a discussion to state something irrelevant. Otherwise situations are certain to get sour in those days.

8) Solution oriented vs. conversation oriented

Men often stay silent when thinking deeply about something and could not need to talk about the subject in those days. You ought to be patient and provide him time for you to sort things in his mind.

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9) Beauty conscious and paranoia

Men hate that the woman spends hours in front of the mirror with the hope that they will appear different but always looks the same. Many women are extremely obsessed with looking their finest which is What men hate about women. They want these to understand that if he loves her truly, he then won't give so much importance to her looks.

10) Insecure/jealousy

Men hate whenever a woman feels jealous of someone. If on a date, you see your guy's eyes hover, and pass a comment on that, it is sure to piss him off big time.

They were the ten most significant things men hate about women. If you wish to keep the man hooked to you, then make sure to avoid these ten blunders at any cost.


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