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Naczelnymen for rent new york Galaxy Zoo was published as early as 2007 and the data collected by scientists volunteers browse over a million photos taken through a telescope the Sloan Digital Sky Survey.Projekt collected more than 50 million galaxies in the first year, but somehow 150,000 people attended. At this point, the second phase of the project, appropriately titled Galaxy Zoo 2, these galaxies were podzielone.Ponad 83,000 volunteers have contributed as much to the Galactic Zwierzyniec two looking at the pictures posted online of the telescope and answer questions about the galaxy offered by each of them . Sample questions include: Be a spiral galaxy? If, in fact, the word in which the proceedings are spiral swirl rent male los angeles  Be the elliptical galaxies? Is there condensation stars extending from the time it? For accuracy, each amnesty has been classified as? Least 40 plagues. After more than 16 million classifications were made and more than 300,000 galaxies were skatalogowane.Dlaczego is indicated for use among people really ambitious project of all the advanced computing technologies that are available? According to the researchers, while computers are good to experience some things about the galaxy (eg: colors and the sizes), human eyes are on the best in identifying other features. And these sets of human eyes work hard to get the data: if he did some explorer quantum of work, it would take the word, that figure somewhat rent male 30 years, in order to finalize it. However, volunteers for the Galaxy Zoo 2 finished cataloging within just roku.Dzięki Galaxy Zoo 2, now we have postponed the project from a variety of galaxies that exist around us. Although researchers are not stopping there. In the next phase of the project, want to learn more about galaxies that existed yore ago. That means that? Galaxy Zoo 3 will need your help. Supply is open to everyone but do not need references

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