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Símbolos de Relaciones

  • Símbolos de clases: C, también conocidos habitualmente como conceptos.
    • Símbolos de propiedades: R, también conocidos como roles.
    • Símbolos de individuos o instancias: a, b.


  • Synonymy/antonymy (e.g. good is an antonym of bad)
  • Similarity (gluttonous is similar to greedy)
  • Hypernymy (is a kind of / has kind) (horse has kind Arabian)
  • Membership (commissioner is a member of commission)
  • Metonymy (whole/part relations) (motor vehicle has part clutch pedal)
  • Substance (e.g. lumber has substance wood)
  • Product (e.g. Microsoft Corporation produces Microsoft Access)
  • Attribute (past, preceding are attributes of timing)
  • Causation (e.g. travelcauses displacementor motion)
  • Entailment (e.g. buyingentails paying )
  • Lateral bonds (concepts closely related to one another, but not in one of the
  • other relationships, e.g. dogand dog collar)

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