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  • 16:04 17 mar 2014 (dif | hist) . . (+3.338). . N The 3-Minute Cheat For Pou Cheat(Página creada con «Nikos Economopoulos was born so spent his first 17 years of life on Patras, the town for the north of these Peloponnese, dubbed as "The Gates to the West". Patras has effec...») (última edición)
  • 16:03 17 mar 2014 (dif | hist) . . (+359). . N Usuario:AaliyahHussey(Página creada con «Ok to meet you! My own name is Jerrie Swoboda and I totally thrive on that name. What I truly love doing is to be go to karaoke as well as a I'll be starting anything else ...») (última edición)

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