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Dado un Link se dice que sus elementos search son:

Siendo el Anchor, lo que denominamos como el Link Semántico, al disponer de características epistemológicas.

El formato general de un Anchor esquema://user/máquina/directorio/archivo.




Dimensiones del Link

Dado un Link, decimos que se dan 2 dimensiones.

Descartes indico dos dimensiones, seguidas por Saussure, y decimos que hay Las 2 dimensiones del Link, y decimos que son:

  • La Dimension del Link desde un punto de vista Semántico
  • La Dimension del Link desde un punto de vista Sintáctico

Considerando esta división útil sostenemos que:

  • Al Link Semántico le corresponde el Anchor.
  • Al Link Sintáctico le corresponde el URL.

Habiendo biyectiva, suprayectiva y por ende Relación.

Objeto Search del Anchor


Sujeto Search del Anchor


Del mismo modo afirmamos:

  • Dado el URL, sostenemos que su Sujeto Search es la Máquina.

Definición de Anchor en W3C (Inglés)

A link has two ends -- called anchors -- and a direction. The link starts at the "source" anchor and points to the "destination" anchor, which may be any Web resource (e.g., an image, a video clip, a sound bite, a program, an HTML document, an element within an HTML document, etc.).

An anchor represents a region of a hypertext document which is linked to another anchor in the same or a different document. Another name for anchors would be URLs as an anchor represents all we know about a URL - including where it points to and who points to it. Because the anchor objects represent the part of the Web, the application has been in touch, it is often useful to maintain the anchors throughout the lifetime of the application. It would actually be most useful if we had persistent anchors so that an application could build up a higher knowledge about the Web topology.

Types defined and used by the Anchor Object

This is a set of videly used type definitions used through out the Library:

  1. include "WWWUtil.h"

typedef HTAtom * HTFormat; typedef HTAtom * HTLevel; /* Used to specify HTML level */ typedef HTAtom * HTEncoding; /* C-E and C-T-E */ typedef HTAtom * HTCharset; typedef HTAtom * HTLanguage;

typedef struct _HTAnchor HTAnchor; typedef struct _HTParentAnchor HTParentAnchor; typedef struct _HTChildAnchor HTChildAnchor;

  1. include "HTLink.h"
  2. include "HTMethod.h"
  3. include "HTResponse.h"

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